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Energy Saving

The benefits of automation can be significant, and the cost of implementing automation systems has been declining in recent years. As a result, more and more businesses are turning to automation to save energy, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Smart Lifestyle

Automation can also help businesses improve their operational efficiency and productivity. For example, automated systems can help businesses schedule maintenance tasks, track inventory, and manage security. Happy Staff work more efficiently in a comfortable building.


Security has never been more important than in today's society. The more tools security staff have on hand to monitor and capture events and the access control available will result in a smoother and safer run facility.


Overall, automation can provide a number of conveniences for businesses that can save them money, improve their productivity, and enhance the comfort of their employees and customers.

Life Smart Home Security Solutions
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Energy Savings 80%
Productivity 67%
Safety 64%
Comfort 59%

Smart Business Solutions

Automation is a smart business decision when designing a building because it can save money, improve efficiency, and enhance the comfort of occupants.

Here are some of the benefits of automation in buildings:

  • Energy savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced comfort

In addition to these benefits, automation can also help buildings to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. By reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency, automation can help buildings to have a smaller environmental impact.

As the cost of automation continues to decline, it is becoming more and more affordable for businesses to implement automation systems in their buildings. As a result, automation is becoming a more popular choice for businesses that are looking to save money, improve efficiency, and enhance the comfort of their employees and customers.

Lifesmart For Business Applications

Keep track of power consumption, temperature and humidity conditions of each room, and working status of every equipment from the visual graphics and charts.

Visualised Charts
Manage all the devices and systems remotely without leaving your seats by just clicking.
Remote Device Management
Simple to add or delete managers. Permission management in batch.
Rights and Role Management
Monitor the whole system and all facilities, receive instant notifications and alerts of incidents occurring in the rooms.
Device and Alarm Monitoring
Easily integrated into third-party systems via open application programming interface.
API Integration
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LifeSmart has simply allowed us to retrofit a simple and affordable security solution to our home. My husband installed the wireless devices and set up the App in an afternoon. He installed a smart door lock, wireless motion sensors and an indoor siren. Well done Hubby!




We wanted to add CCTV cameras, alarm and access control to our existing home. Costing for a traditional system was quite expensive requiring a specialist security company and a destructive installation. LifeSmart retrofit DIY saved our bacon. LifeSmart Defed system is simple to use for both my wife and I. Thank You LifeSmart



Gold Coast

We both work and needed a solution to open our gates and garage doors remotely. On top of this we installed a couple of cctv cameras to make sure deliveries were being left in the correct place. The LifeSmart range of products were easy to install and program as well as being friendly on our wallet. Very satisfied with the LifeSmart Security and access control solution.




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What we can do for you

Enterprise Server for Offices

Enterprise Server for Offices

  • Energy management and monitoring, providing intelligent time and Lux based control of HVAC and Lighting systems
  • Integration with conference room reservation systems, monitoring occupancy status to set a ‘Room Off’ condition once empty
  • Region and Multi-User capable allowing Facility Managers, Office Managers to operate locally or remote
  • Live lighting and occupancy status on map display

Enterprise Server for Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU)

  • Alarm monitoring when home owner is away
  • Panic and Medical alert status buttons and Key Fobs
  • Public area energy management – Lighting, Access Control etc
  • APIs for property management system (PMS)
Enterprise Server for Multiple Units
Enterprise Server for Hotels

Enterprise Server for Hotels

  • Hotel guests receive a dedicated QR code to control smart devices in your room after check-in
  • Automatically shut down lights and air-cons when occupancy is empty
  • Set room state to occupied once checked in, including welcome scene and HVAC ramp to set-point temperature
  • APIs for integration to the hotel management systems
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As with any new building it is important to use smart building practices in order to manage all elements of energy usage in a building whilst maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for it’s occupants as well as meet the local building codes, regulations and Green Star/Wells requirements.

Greenstar Building Automation is a type of building automation that focuses on energy efficiency and sustainability. It uses a variety of technologies to control and monitor building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and security, in order to optimize energy usage and reduce environmental impact.

Greenstar Building Automation can provide a number of benefits for building owners and operators, including:

  • Reduced energy costs: Greenstar Building Automation can help to reduce energy costs by up to 30%.
  • Improved occupant comfort: Greenstar Building Automation can create a more comfortable and productive environment for building occupants.
  • Enhanced security: Greenstar Building Automation can improve security by providing real-time monitoring and alerts.
  • Increased sustainability: Greenstar Building Automation can help buildings to achieve LEED certification and other sustainability goals.

As the cost of energy continues to rise, Greenstar Building Automation is becoming a more attractive option for building owners and operators. It can help to save money, improve comfort, and reduce environmental impact.

Here are some of the technologies that are commonly used in Greenstar Building Automation:

  • Building management systems (BMS): A BMS is a computer-based system that controls and monitors building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and security.
  • Energy monitoring and control (EMC) systems: EMC systems collect data on energy usage and provide feedback to building operators so that they can identify areas where energy can be saved.
  • Daylighting controls: Daylighting controls automatically adjust lighting levels based on the amount of natural light available.
  • Ventilation controls: Ventilation controls automatically adjust ventilation rates based on occupancy and other factors.
  • HVAC controls: HVAC controls automatically adjust temperature and humidity levels in buildings.
  • Security systems: Security systems monitor building access and provide alerts in the event of unauthorized entry.

Greenstar Building Automation is a complex and ever-evolving field. As new technologies emerge, Greenstar Building Automation will continue to evolve to meet the needs of building owners and operators.


Engineers use automation in buildings for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To save energy. Automated systems can be programmed to turn off lights and other equipment when they are not in use, which can save a significant amount of energy.
  • To improve efficiency. Automated systems can be used to control HVAC systems, lighting, and other building systems, which can improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • To improve safety. Automated systems can be used to monitor building systems and provide alerts in the event of problems, which can help to improve safety.
  • To improve comfort. Automated systems can be used to control temperature, lighting, and other building systems to create a more comfortable environment for building occupants.
  • To improve security. Automated systems can be used to monitor building access and security systems, which can help to improve security.
  • To improve compliance. Automated systems can be used to help buildings comply with regulations, such as those governing energy efficiency and safety.

As the cost of automation continues to decline, it is becoming more and more affordable for engineers to implement automation systems in buildings. As a result, automation is becoming a more popular choice for engineers who are looking to save energy, improve efficiency, and improve the overall performance of buildings.


A building management system (BMS) is a computer-based system that controls and monitors building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and security. BMS systems are used in a variety of buildings, including commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and government buildings.

Simply contact us and we will connect you with an Electrical Engineering firm familiar with the LifeSmart commercial product range.

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