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Having a DIY home security solution provides a cost-effective option for securing your property and possessions. DIY systems are typically less expensive than professionally installed ones. The LifeSmart Security products however are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs for your home. With step-by-step instructions, it is possible for homeowners to install the system themselves, without the need for professional assistance. Enjoy remote access to your Smart Home through the mobile app and the ability to monitor and control your home security system from anywhere at any time. As the homeowners’ needs change, the system can be expanded on without the need to replace the entire system. Overall, a DIY home security solution offers a convenient and effective way to protect your home and your family.

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LifeSmart has simply allowed us to retrofit a simple and affordable security solution to our home. My husband installed the wireless devices and set up the App in an afternoon. He installed a smart door lock, wireless motion sensors and an indoor siren. Well done Hubby!




We wanted to add CCTV cameras, alarm and access control to our existing home. Costing for a traditional system was quite expensive requiring a specialist security company and a destructive installation. LifeSmart retrofit DIY saved our bacon. LifeSmart Defed system is simple to use for both my wife and I. Thank You LifeSmart



Gold Coast

We both work and needed a solution to open our gates and garage doors remotely. On top of this we installed a couple of cctv cameras to make sure deliveries were being left in the correct place. The LifeSmart range of products were easy to install and program as well as being friendly on our wallet. Very satisfied with the LifeSmart Security and access control solution.




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Everything You Need to Get Started

Home Security Starter Kit

Everything you need to quickly make your home smart and secure.

Complete Smart Home Set includes

- LifeSmart DEFED Smart Station with battery backup and optional 4G SIM Card Slot - 3 x PIR Motion Detectors - Entry Door Switch - Internal Screamer Siren

Easy Setup

No cabling required, simply plug your DEFED Smart Station into your Router, mount your detectors, door reed switch and screamer with supplied accessory kit, dowload the App, register your LifeSmart account and add the devices. The App steps you through the installation process.

Premium Support

For more instructions and tutorials please view the DEFED Alarm Kit setup video here -

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Everything You Need to Get Started

CCTV Starter Kit

Feel sfae today with your Smart Home CCTV Starter kit. 

Complete Smart Home Set Includes

- LifeSmart DEFED Smart Station with battery backup and optional 4G SIM Card Slot - 2 x 2Mp Outdoor CCTV Cameras POE or 12V DC - 1 x 2Mp Indoor Camera with Pan and Tilt

Easy Setup

LifeSmart Outdoor cameras can be powered over CAT cabling using POE or locally using a 12V DC Power source. The Indoor camera pugs into local power point using the supplied USB power supply and connects wirelessly to the homes WiFi. Setup is simple and the LifeSmart App steps the homeowner through the process.

Premium Support

For more instructions and tutorials please view the DEFED CCTV Kit setup video here -

DEFED Alarm Kit

DEFED Alarm Kit

DEFED series is a wireless security alarm kit with unified industrial design and professional security technology. A reddot design award winning range now available in Australia.

Stable CoSS Protocol

CoSS, one of the most stable protocols in the market, has been used in the wireless smart home and security industry for over 30 years. With a transmission range of up to 800 meters. It's suitable for enterprise applications, including in industries with extremely high security requirements.

COSS Protocol Specs
Smart Home Security Easy Installation

DIY Home Security Installation

LifeSmart DEFED series is designed with simple installation practices in mind. Suitable for the DIY enthusiast or Electrical Contractor where time critical installation is a must. All equipment comes with mounting accessories and instructions. Product tutorial videos for all products are available on the website here -

Smart Scene Scenario

LifeSmart supports the most protocols on the market. CoSS, z-wave, zigbee, wifi, 5G, matter, and bluetooth, allowing the smart home to connect up to connect up to 500 devices. Once connected, scenes, schedules and automations are created in the LifeSmart App to allow the homeowner to take full advantage of the benefits of home automation. Using software and devices like Apple HomeKit, Google assistant and Alexa bring a whole new level of smart home interaction to the homeowners lifestyle.

LifeSmart Scene creation
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Making your home a smart home for whatever reason is a big decision. Whether you want to –

  • Save money
  • Feel safer
  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Remote monitor your home
  • Add access control

Whatever the reason, if you have questions please reach out and ask. We are happy to help you with project design and planning, system support and inspiration.

Smart home security refers to the use of technology and devices to secure and monitor a home remotely. The technology typically includes CCTV cameras, smart door locks, motion sensors and smart alarms, which can be controlled and monitored using smartphones and tablets. Offering homeowners peace of mind, convenience and enhanced security, a smart home security system can be an effective way to keep your family safe.

Smart homes can make your life more convenient, energy-efficient, and secure. You can control your lights, heating, and appliances remotely, and smart security systems can monitor your home and alert you to potential threats.

Home security systems are now more affordable than ever. Typically, less than $1000 with the benefits of reduced home insurance premiums from some insurance providers.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, can handle a drill and a screwdriver then yes. All LifeSmart security products are simple to install and program yourself.

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