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Energy Saving

LifeSmart products can help save energy by automating devices, monitoring usage, and providing feedback.

Smart Lifestyle

IoT products improve lifestyle by automating tasks, providing convenience, and saving energy.


With the increasing number of smart devices that are now connected to the internet, the security of your smart home is critical to protect your privacy and safety


With a smart home, you can remotely control various aspects of your home, such as lighting, temperature, and security, using your smartphone or other devices.

Life Smart Home Security Solutions
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Make Your Home Smart


Smart Home Technology

LifeSmart Smart Home Technology is a comprehensive solution that gives homeowners complete control over their home environment. It uses the latest smart home technology to create an efficient and easy-to-use home automation system. The system includes devices such as smart lights, smart thermostats, security cameras, and smart locks, all of which can be controlled through a single app on your smartphone or tablet. With LifeSmart, you can easily manage your home environment, controlling everything from the temperature and lighting to your home’s security. LifeSmart Smart Home Technology offers unparalleled convenience, energy efficiency, and security, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to streamline their daily routine and enjoy a smarter, more connected life.

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LifeSmart has simply allowed us to retrofit a simple and affordable security solution to our home. My husband installed the wireless devices and set up the App in an afternoon. He installed a smart door lock, wireless motion sensors and an indoor siren. Well done Hubby!




We wanted to add CCTV cameras, alarm and access control to our existing home. Costing for a traditional system was quite expensive requiring a specialist security company and a destructive installation. LifeSmart retrofit DIY saved our bacon. LifeSmart Defed system is simple to use for both my wife and I. Thank You LifeSmart



Gold Coast

We both work and needed a solution to open our gates and garage doors remotely. On top of this we installed a couple of cctv cameras to make sure deliveries were being left in the correct place. The LifeSmart range of products were easy to install and program as well as being friendly on our wallet. Very satisfied with the LifeSmart Security and access control solution.




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Everything You Need to Get Started

Smart Home Starter Kit

The LifeSmart Starter Set is perfect for getting a feel of how the App works and gaining some basic programming knowledge. The LifeSmart App is free for both Apple and Android phones. Simply add your Smart Station to the App then add your devices following the in-App DIY instructions.

Complete Smart Home Set Includes

- LifeSmart Smart Station - Cube Environmental Sensor - Cube Clicker - Cube Door/Window Sensor - Cube Motion Sensor

Easy Setup

To get started just plug the Smart Station into your home Router, download the App and register your free smart home account. Follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions to add your devices, create scenes, automations and schedules.

Premium Support

For more instructions and tutorials please view the Starter Kit setup video here -

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Owning and building a smart home can seem a daunting task. Don’t worry, there any plenty of people who have been here before including ourselves. Here to the right are the answers to just a few of the main questions people ask when thinking about making there own homes smart.

A smart home is a house that uses technology to automate tasks and make life easier.

Smart homes can make your life more convenient, energy-efficient, and secure. You can control your lights, heating, and appliances remotely, and smart security systems can monitor your home and alert you to potential threats.

With LifeSmart IoT products Automation is now affordable to most families. If budgets are tight then we offer starter kits which can be added to later as required.

Most people can install and program the LifeSmart equipment themselves. Programming is quite simple and if you need help simply send us an email and we will reach out and assist you. For the 240Volt Lighting equipment you will need to hire a local electrician and we can offer them assistance as required also.

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