Human Presence Sensor

This Occupancy sensor uses radar to detect human presence in a room. Perfect for Smart Office ceilings combined with lighting control for maximizing energy efficiency in the workplace. Wells and Greenstar Rating rely on lighting control systems such as daylight savings and occupancy detection. It has an adjustable eliptical radar area with presets for different types of rooms and applications. Sensitivity is also controllable in the app by the installer.

human presence detector





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The human presence sensor adopts millimeter wave Doppler radar, sensing human movement and static presence. It detects via human movement Doppler parameters and human physiological parameters synchronized sensing technology for wireless perception of human status in the area, report the wireless signal to the gateway to activate smart scenes and automations, suitable for home, hotel, office and other places.


  • 24GHz millimeter wave radar sensing module
  • Supports detection of multiple states of activity, rest, sleep, and unoccupied.
  • Built-in light sensor.
  • Large, adjustable detection range.
  • Ceiling-mounted
  • 240VAC


Model Number MIR-HE200
Operating Temperature -5~55℃
Operating Humidity 5~95%
Detection 1-13m User Selectable
Power Supply 220VAC
Sensors Radar, light sensor
Indicator LED
Radio Protocol Zigbee 3.0
Signal Range(Open Field) 100m
Color Ivory white
Dimensions 80*65*47mm
Mount Recessed
Casing ABS+PC

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The sensor is 240VAC powered and must be installed by a licensed electrician. However, once installed the sensor is simple to add to the LifeSmart system using the App which will step you through the process.

The sensor measures up luminance and motion detection. It can be used to trigger lighting scenes and other LifeSmart products. A typical use for this sensor is to turn on the bathroom lights at night when a person walks in. Fantastic for guests who are not used to light swith locations.

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