Cube Door Window Sensor

The LifeSmart DEFED Door Window Sensor incorporates tamper protection, wireless Coss connectivity and an attractive slim design. Suitable for use as a smart reed switch on windows and doors for the home or office.

Door Window Sensor Reed Switch


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The LifeSmart’s CUBE Door window Sensor can send a notification through your Life Smart App when the door/window is detected open. It can also be used to trigger events with other smart devices, like making a snapshot with your Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera of whoever enters your house. The device is equipped with a vibration sensor. If someone tries to break-in, you can get notified instantly. It is also a CUBE Clicker. One simple click can trigger a series of actions programmed by the homeowner. With the help of the LifeSmart Cloud services and other amazing technologies, every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office.


  • Remote alarm once opening or vibration detected
  • Real-time feedback on door/window status
  • Notifications and record searching via the app
  • One-button for scene control

Model Number LS058WH
Operating Temperature -5~45℃
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Supply 1 Battery CR2450, 3V
Static Consumption <1mW
Battery Life Up to 1 year
Sensitive Element Magnetic sensor, vibration sensor
Detection Slide and shake detection of the door and window
Button Customizable button, pairing button
Indicator LED
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range(Open Field) 200m
Color Ivory white
Dimensions 38.4*38.4*14.6mm
Weight 20g
Casing ABS+PC

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Coming soon...

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