A portable and easy to use key fob for the control of the alarm system. Up to 800m range. 4 individual buttons, Armed, Home, Disarm and Panic.
Battery included with Built in keyring attachment and LED Indicator.

DEFED Alarm Key Fob


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The LifeSmart DEFED Alarm Key Fob provides convenient alarm control from a small remote. Features setting this remote apart from similar system is the long-range operating distance as well as the ability to use the remote to trigger AI Engine features of the LifeSmart system such as Lighting Scenes etc.


  • Scene Triggering
  • AES 128 bit Encryption
  • 800m signal range

Model Number LS201WH
Installation Out of the box
Operating Temperature -5~45C
Operating Humidity 5~90%
LED Indicator Yes
Static Consumption ≤0.001mw
Power Supply 1 Battery CR2450, 3V
Button 4 Button
Battery Life Up to 10 years
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range(Open Field) 800m
White/Black White
Dimension 74*39*11.9mm
Net Weight (with battery) 19g
Gross Weight (with battery) 24g
Casing PC

Coming soon...

Yes, the Key Fob can be used exclusively as a remote to control your DEFED alarm components in the LifeSmart system or it can be programmed to run scenes and triggers that the homeowner has created. For example, use the key fob to trigger lighting scenes, volume commands for the music or even send a message to homeowners’ phones in the event of an emergency such as a fall.

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