Ti Series Tunable White LED Strip

The LifeSmart ultra-bright Tunable White LED Strip 24V 16W/m 2700-6500K 5m Reel


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The LifeSmart Ultra-Bright Tunable White LED Strip


  • The color temperature of Warm White is 2700K, made specifically for true warm white colour or Amber.
  • This 2835 flexible strip has a high tolerance of +/- 100K so that every installation is consistent with the last. Along with high tolerance and it’s unique color temperature, this specialized LED strip light has many other features as well:
  • High density: with 120 LEDs per meter, the light is extremely even, and if used with diffusers, you will have a dot free installation, which is a desired feature in direct lighting applications.
  • It’s bright, but it’s dimmable, so paired with the LS012 Wireless Dimmer controller you can adjust your light intensity and colour temperature.

Model Number KU-2835-120D-24V-CCT
Lighting Color 2700-6500K
Luminous Flux 100lm/W - 16W/m
Operating Temperature -5~45°C
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Supply DC 24V
Dimensions Strip: 5000*8mm
Cuttable Length 100mm

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Coming soon...

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