Smoke Sensor (CoSS)

The LifeSmart smoke sensor works with the LifeSmart Smart Station, detects smoke supporting 24/7 push notification and is battery powered.


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The LifeSmart Smoke sensor will report directly to the LifeSmart Smart Station in the event that smoke is present in a room. Once detected the unit reports to the Smart Station allowing for push notification and alarm responses to be triggered. Works with the LifeSmart Smart Station via CoSS protocol.


  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring for your home and family safety
  • Notifications and record searching via the LifeSmart App
  • Ceiling mounted for simple installation
  • Low-profile attractive design
  • CoSS connectivity
  • Battery Powered

On average there are over 100 smoke/fire related deaths per year in Australia which could be prevented simply by the correct installation of smoke sensors and early warning systems. It is advised to regularly perform battery and siren tests for the home smoke detectors. Property damaged can be minimized by alerts sent through the LifeSmart App remotely.

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

The LifeSmart Smoke detector is not to be used as a primary smoke detector as it does not meet the Australian standards as it does not connect to the consumer electrical supply. This smoke detector is only to be used as a secondary device to allow the homeowners LifeSmart system to detect and send in-app messages and alerts to the homeowner.

The Smoke Sensor if triggerred can be used as an input into the LifeSmart AI engine to –

  • Send In-App alert messages
  • Sound alarm devices
  • Trigger Lighting Scenes for egress safety paths
  • Open Access control points on the property
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