2 Channel Dimmer Controller (0-10V Dimmer Control)

Two Channel Dimmer Controller (0-10V Dimmer Control). Working with the Smart Station, connects to traditional dimmer to make it APP controlled.


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Allows control of both brightness and color temperature.

LifeSmart‘s Two Channel Dimmer Controller(0-10V Dimmer Control) can form a complete dimming and color temperature solution with LifeSmart Smart Station, 0-10V dimming light and the LED Driver. Users can adjust light brightness and color temperature on the LifeSmart APP or Nature Mini. Lighting Scenes and other automation is made possible with the LifeSmart AI engine.


  • Adjust brightness and colour temperature
  • Soft start switching, smooth transitions
  • It can be controlled by the LifeSmart app and Nature touchscreens
  • Control multiple 0-10V LED Drivers at the same time

Model Number LS255
Wiring Live+Neutral
Control Unit 16A relay
Operating Temperature -5~45°C
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output 0-10V
Static Consumption <0.6W
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range (Open Field) 200m
Dimension 150.5*40*28mm
Weight 74g
Casing PC

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Coming soon...

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