Blend RGBW LED Strip Kit

The LifeSmart Blend Lighting Strip is an RGBW LED Strip Kit including Driver, 24V supply and 2m Reel LED Strip

RGBW LED Strip Bar


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BLEND RGBW LED Strip kits are the perfect way to add ambience to any room and with its unique flexibility to be concealed almost anywhere. Capable of creating 16million different lighting effects with adjustable brightness and preset modes, You can always easily set the mood for that romantic dinner and seamlessly transition into a party mode setting. Even better is BLEND’s interaction with your entire LifeSmart Smart Home System. Let your lights change to your desired ambience based on the time of day, temperature, or even by opening a door. Fully compatible with Apple Home Kit and the worlds most popular voice assistants.


  • 16 million colours
  • Low Power Consumption LED Technology
  • Scheduling On/Off Setting
  • Plug & Play to add extra LED Strip length
  • Fully integrated into LifeSmart AI engine for scenes and automation programming
  • Apple Home-Kit compatible


Model Number LS065
Lighting Color 16 million colors + white
Luminous Flux 360lm
Operating Temperature -5~45°C
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Supply DC 24V
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range(Open Field) 200m
Dimensions Strip: 2000*12*3.5mm
Weight Light strip weight:114g/2meters

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Coming soon...

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