CUBE Switch Module (2-way relay)

3 channel Relay Puck for converting traditional switches to intelligent switches.

2-way relay output with 2 inputs


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LifeSmart Cube Switch 2-way relay module is compact in size and is used to upgrade traditional switches to intelligent switches.


    • Small in size
    • CoSS Wireless protocol
    • 2 way communication for feedback to LifeSmart App
    • Voice control support
    • 2 way switching (2 separate circuits)


Model Number LS177
Product Type 2-way Relay Puck
Wiring Live+neutral
Voltage 100V~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 0.3W
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range(Indoor) 100m (Indoor)
Color White
Dimension 42*32*16mm
Weight 20g
Casing ABS+PC

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Coming soon...

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