Dimmer Puck ZWave

1 Channel Triac Phase Dimmer Puck with ZWave communications


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The Dimmer Puck ZWave unit provides 1 channels of Leading/Trailing Edge dimming at 400W total. Integrated into the LifeSmart App the dimmer can be used as part of the AI engine to create lighting moods and scenes with 2-way feedback in the App as a slider control. Compact size to allow mounting in ceiling or in-wall.


    • 1 x 400W Dimmer Channel
    • ZWave+ extended range RF chipset
    • 2 way communication for feedback to LifeSmart App
    • Precise brightness control by percentage slider
    • convenient looping terminals

Note: No support for GUI in Touchscreens

Model Number QS-ZWave-D01-TRIAC-LN
Product Type Dimmer Puck
Wiring Live+neutral
Control Unit Triac control unit(two way)
Compatible Lights Leading/Trailing Edge LED Drivers
ButtonNA Reset, Min Level Set
Radio Protocol ZWave Plus
Signal Range(Indoor) 40m
Color White
Dimension 45*45*21mm
Weight 110g
Casing ABS+PC

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Coming soon...

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